terça-feira, 12 de outubro de 2010

Almost 1000 years old.

Can you imagine that? This pub is almost 1000 years old, better saying, the building is almost 1000 years old. Se clicarem na ultima foto podem observar que o primeiro dono/ocupante do predio data de 1086.
Wow! How many buildings have you visited before that is this old? This place is located in the Cotswold, England. I was there last Sunday for lunch and thought would be a good idea to share that with other Brazilians. In Europe a building with that age is very common but for us Brazilians it is not, we have to remember that Brazil was "discovered"  just over 500 years ago.

4 comentários:

  1. Oh my!!
    It´s really oooollldddd!!! :)

    I've never been in a place that old!

  2. It's really beautiful, wonderful and well-conserved for its age!!!!!


    P.S. could you correct my writting and grammar mistakes? :D

  3. Hi Katia

    I got very excited when I found out your blog. So, I intend to read all of it in order to improve not only my English but also my cultural knowledge. As well as, it will be a great opportunity to learn a little of England as I have never traveled abroad.

  4. New expressions:

    better saying
    just over