terça-feira, 19 de outubro de 2010

Autumn from my window...

The Americans call it 'fall', the British call it 'autumn'. Whatever way we decide to call it it's fine. What really matter is its beauty and what it means. In England when the trees start to change the colour we know that the summer is over and that we should get ready for the winter. It's time to put aside the summer clothes and leave the coats ready for the frosty mornings.
From my TV room I can see a couple of trees outside, and as the months go by I observe them to go from bare leaves in the winter to small buds in the early spring, and now in the autumn I see them changing every week, from a light yellow to golden brown, until they fall completely on the floor.
Quem mora aqui sabe como eh, quem nao mora pode acompanhar comigo.

Um comentário:

  1. I wish I had a view like this from my window... It's really wonderfulllll

    New expressions:

    whatever way - ok
    frosty - ok
    as the months go by - ok
    bare - ok
    buds -ok