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Brazilians in the United Kingdom

Why many Brazilians would consider coming to England to work in a very inferior job compared to the ones they left in Brazil? Do you have any idea why? Is it the dream of living in a first world country? Is it to learn the language? To work hard and save every penny and go back to Brazil better off? Is it to see how other people live, to travel and experiment a different culture? I've met many people who said it's worth it and also met the ones who regreted their decision of coming. I guess that to live well anywhere abroad you have to feel part of the local community. First and foremost it's necessary to speak the language of the country and learn about the culture. Do you agree with "Once in Rome, do as the Romans do."?

According to 

Despite being relatively well educated, the majority of Brazilian immigrants to the UK have taken up professions that differ greatly from their previous careers in Brazil.[19] The majority of Brazilian-born migrants to the UK choose jobs that are for the most part unskilled and low-paid; the reasons behind this include restrictions imposed by their immigration status and lack or limited knowledge of the English language.[19] This has also been witnessed in the Brazilian diaspora in United States.[19] A study conducted by Queen Mary, University of London revealed the most common jobs taken up by Brazilian immigrants in London.[19] 32 per cent of individuals surveyed were involved in the cleaning industry, 26 per cent in hotel work and catering, 13 per cent in other 'services'. 10 per cent worked as couriers, 9 per cent in the construction industry, 3 per cent as au pairs or baby sitters. 6 per cent of those surveyed choose not to answer, whilst 1 per cent told of unemployment.[19] Work and employment is an extremely important aspect for Brazilians in the UK, especially first-generation immigrants – many of whom came to the UK for the sole reason of seeking employment. In the same study, 25 per cent of respondents said they came to the UK to work and/or study, whilst 24.3 per cent claimed to have come for work and to save money either to be able to permanently settle in the UK or to send to family back in Brazil.[19] A large number of Brazilian-owned businesses have sprung up in the UK over recent decades. They include personal care, counselling, solicitors and lawyers that provide services in Portuguese, baby sitting, private cleaning, removals and transportation, travel agencies, private functions, money transfer, accommodation, as well as shops selling Brazilian clothing, food and drink, alongside numerous cafes and restaurants.[19

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  1. In my case would be to learn the language (English), to see how other people live and experiment a different culture.

    New expressions:

    better off - ok
    foremost ??????
    take up - ok
    catering - ok
    sole - ok
    permanently settle - ?????
    couriers - ok
    sprung up - what's he infinitive form of spung?
    alongside - ok
    over recent - ok