segunda-feira, 8 de novembro de 2010

Dentes de leite e fadas...

Do you remember what happened to your milk teeth when they fell out? Like many kids in Brazil, mine had to end up on the top of the roof, in order to bring good luck.
Well in Europe the tradition is a bit different. A member of my family lost her first milk tooth yesterday and she was visited by the tooth fairy.
Here in United Kingdom, when a child's milk teeth falls out, the tradition says that he/she needs to leave the tooth under the pillow, and at night while the child sleeps, the fairy comes and swaps the tooth for a coin or a small gift. It's not necessary to say that kids get very excited with the idea, and parents have to be prepared to swap the fallen tooth for a coin or little present during the night.
I guess the tooth fairy owes me some money. Tee hee

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