sexta-feira, 12 de novembro de 2010

E o inverno se aproxima...

Do you remember those couple of trees near my window? Three weeks later and that's what they look like now:

Not many leaves left. Now imagine the whole country like that. If you haven't seen a winter abroad, I'll try to give you a taste through the photos here from time to time. It's not 5:00pm yet and the sun is long gone. As the winter gets close, the nights in Europe get longer and the days very short. From now on we will have less and less sun light everyday, until the 21st of December. That means in very simple words that: most mornings it will still be dark until 9:00 or 10:00 in the morning, when the sun appears, and between 3:00 or 4:00 in the afternoon will be dark again. You can learn more about the 'winter solstice' at or   . After the 21st of December the opposite starts to happen and every day we will get about 3 or five minutes more of sun until the spring/summer time when it will be bright and sunny at 5:00 o'clock in the morning and the sun will only go down after 9:00 pm.
During the winter we stay more indoors, and right now people are getting ready for Christmas time. But that is a subject for another day.

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  1. The blog is very good!

  2. Yeah, I remember!!!!

    And your blog is getting more and more interesting!!!

    New expressions:

    As the winter gets close - ok
    indoors -ok