segunda-feira, 20 de dezembro de 2010

natal na Inglaterra...

First of all I am really sorry for taking so long to post here. But I am sure that if you were in my shoes you would understand. Anyway, lately I had loads to do and a lot of that was regarding the preparation for the christmas time.
In England a very important tradition is to send christmas cards to everybody you know. Well, in Brazil we may receive some cards from our bank, or other shops were we are good customers and sometimes from family or loved ones, that means that an average person might receive not more than 5 cards. A good point is that we don't have the obligation to send the cards in return. Well here in England we have to. Everybody expects a card, since your neighbours to friends, acquaintances, distant family members, close family members, everyone. Kids in primary school exchange cards among their school mates, that means if there are 20 children in the classroom you have to provide twenty cards, not counting the ones to your own list. So you can end up writing 50 cards or more.
It's a very nice tradition but a lot time consuming, and we have to find place at home and ways of hanging and displaying all the cards received.
I have just started some of my christmas decoration, the christmas tree is up and some of the cards are now displayed.
What about yours? I know what christmas is like in Brazil but I wonder how do the other Brazilians around the globe experience it.
Bye for now and check the link bellow for more curiosities about christmas traditions if you have time.

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