segunda-feira, 6 de dezembro de 2010

O primeiro correio da Inglaterra...

I went for a walk last Saturday and took more photos to share with you guys. It's still freezing here, yesterday was -6C but I would like to talk to you about something different today. Not far from my house there is a nice village and in there we can find the oldest post office of England. The post office built in 1478 is a Uk attraction, very charming like the rest of the Painswick village.
While Brazil was still on the hands of indigenous tribes and smoke signals were probalby the way of sending messages, English people were writing and posting letters. Interesting, isn't it? Take a look at the photos of the post office and the village.

I'm very glad to say that the blog had its first 1,000 hits yesterday. Thank you to you all that enjoy reading my posts and also a big thanks to the ones that have left comments as well, I'll try to answer them pretty soon. My idea is to help Brazilians to read a bit more in English and help to improve their culture as well. A fab week to you all. xx

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  1. Olá Kátia, conheci seu blog através do da Larissa (meu emagrecimento), gostaria de saber como funcionam as aulas de inglês pelo skype. Estudei inglês há alguns anos, mas ele anda super enferrujado. Tenho planos de visitar Londres no ano que vem. Could you help me, please.
    Um grande abraço

  2. Oi Leda, por favor me deixe seu email que eu entro em contato.