domingo, 9 de janeiro de 2011

ferias de inverno...

Hiya!!! First of all I would like to apologize to all the readers who had visited the blog and didn't find any new post lately. I'm sorry. I'll try to update things since last post.

Christmas season here is really important and lasts longer than in Brazil. On the 26th of December we have a public holiday called 'Boxing Day'. It is very much like a second day of Christmas, where we eat again a very special meal. The difference is that on Boxing Day other friends and relatives from the family are welcome to join in, it has a more relaxed aspect and people tend to visit each other. They say that Boxing day was created because many years ago, the poor people had to work on Christmas day serving the noble ones, in return on the 26th they were given a box with food or money to take home and celebrate their Christmas with their family. There are other theories about it of course, but that is what we hear the most.

During the Christmas season the schools are closed for the winter holidays, which lasts between two or three weeks. Many other business sectors give some time off to their employees too. With that in mind and the freezing weather, people tend to stock a lot of special food in their homes and eat and be merry during this period. With some time off and no kids at school many people try to escape to the sun, in countries like Spain for instance, others just take their time preparing for the wintry season ahead and just enjoy the Christmas shopping and the big sales just after. I had some lovely time in Cardiff, Wales and some time in London as well. I’ll tell more about it in the next posts. For now let’s continue talking about the celebrations.

New Year's Eve London FireworksNew Year’s Eve is not a big celebration here as it is in Brazil. Many people are happy enough to invite some friends at home for dinner or some drinks together, but not necessarily at midnight. Some just watch the celebrations through the TV or go to bed early. The ones that enjoy the night out usually go to a pub or a disco, but in the majority of the cases it will look like another Saturday night out, there is no special decorations or loads of food at midnight like in Brazil, and for sure white is not the colour. Girls wearing a black dress to start the year is a common scene, while white with our freezing weather would be shocking. Having said that, Brazilians still keep their tradition when meeting other Brazilians to celebrate the arrival of the new year. Let’s not forget of course the big party near the 'London Eye' London and another big one in Edinburgh in Scotland, but not everybody faces the weather adversities to watch that.

Now that the holiday season is over, the schools, offices, building sites etc are resuming their work and I’ll get back to my normal life too, and with that the blog.

I wish everybody a great new year, may everybody feel blessed and lucky in 2011.
Cheers !

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