quarta-feira, 19 de janeiro de 2011

Musica brasileira em todo lugar...

Remember I mentioned that I was in Cardiff, capital of Wales just before the end of the year? Cardiff is a very cosmopolitan city, with great city center, nice shopping areas and restaurants to die for. The funny thing was that, we stayed at the Marriot hotel, at the heart of the city center. After checking in and dropping our luggage in the hotel room we decided to go for a walk and get something to eat. For my total surprise, as we were leaving the hotel and crossing the road I heard Chitaozinho e Xororo. We tried to look for where the sound was coming from and we found a Latin Bar just across the road. Checking the menu board outside the Bar, I noticed that they had caipirinha as well. Later on that evening after dinner, we decided to go there and check if their caipirinha was really good and if there were many Brazilians there. There was none, and apart from the cachaca drink in their menu and big Brazilian flag on the wall, the best thing is really the music. At night we could hear old hits from Terra Samba, Daniela Mercury and Caetano.

Like I said the city center is pretty impressive, but what called my attention since the first time I visited that city was the size of their central library. Do you have one like that in your city in Brazil? What about the colour of the sky?

By the way, the photos were taken during day light.

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  1. Cardiff seems to be amazing...I wish I were there ;)

  2. Yes Adriana, Cardiff is really a nice place. I intend to visit the castles next time there, but at this time of the year it is too cold to wonder around.