quinta-feira, 10 de fevereiro de 2011

Final de semana em Londres...

I spent last weekend in London and took more photos to show you guys. Saturday morning we walked through the busy Picadilly, Oxford Circus and Regent Street.

Then towards the famous Trafalgar Square where the New Year’s Eve celebrations used to take place.
We head in the direction of the Downing Street, where our Prime Minister stays.

From there we headed to the Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. Beautiful attractions full of tourists clicking their cameras. I live in a different city now, gorgeous too, but from time to time I fee the need to go back and be part of all that. And what can be better than hop in a train and be in London and enjoy a nice cappuccino in front of Trafalgar Square?

At night we walked around China Town and Leicester Square, but I didn’t take any photos there. It was too busy with the celebrations of the Chinese New Year.

By the way, did you know that we can count sometimes about a dozen or more laptops and ipads just in one wagon of the train? We can use these things here everywhere and anytime without being worried about somebody shooting us trying to steal our belongings. Could you do that in a train in Sampa or Rio for example?

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  1. Hello Katia,
    It was very nice to see all your picutres. I really love this city. I went to London in May 2010 and I just loved it.

    About the laptops and iphones. Well, it is really hard to imagine to do such thing in Sampa. I never been to Rio, but I also do not want to try to walk around if my laptop or even my camera. It is such a shame!

    I really enjoy coming to your blog!

  2. Hi Mariangela, tks a lot for comments. I know the feeling you describe, it is really a shame our beaufil country in that situation. That's why I like talking about it, maybe people in Brazil could compare things and start to change. xx