terça-feira, 1 de fevereiro de 2011


Soap operas...We all say we don't like it, but we all watch it from time to time. In Brazil they are very popular and people are glued to the TV every night. The curious thing is that while in Brazil each soap lasts four or five months in England they last decades.

In 1989 I remember watching the soap called ‘Neighbours’ for the first time. It was my first visit to England and I was studying here, and hours in front of the TV at night were common with the English family I lived with. Now imagine my surprise when in 2001 while I was in a hotel in London I notice the same soap starring on the TV, 12 years later. I thought it was a repeated version because some of the actors were different, but somebody from the hotel explained to me that actually that was the same soap from years ago, because in some countries they can go on for many years. This Australian soap in particular started in 1985 and is still going.
Another famous soap here and I guess the oldest one in history is Coronation Street, it started in 1960, and is still a big success. Eastenders is another big hit.

. EastEnders Who's Who

I have no idea how old my readers are but let’s agree about one soap and try to imagine it following the same British format. Let’s take a big hit like ‘O Rei do Gado’, imagine watching the same soap until nowadays, being able to see Antonio Fagundes playing the same role everyday of the week and getting old in the soap, watching his sons growing old too. Can you picture it? I don't thing it would be that good. Having said that, I wouldn't mind to have watched 'Friends'for another three of five years, would you?
By the way, I’d rather watch a Brazilian soap.

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  1. Hello Katia,
    Here in the U.S. the soap operas are all in the same format as in the U.K.
    I never really could watch any of them. I prefer sitcoms. I agree with you about Friends. I would be great to have more...


  2. Tks Mariangela for the comment. You are right, when the soaps are too long they become boring and depressing, at least to our Brazilian taste. What are you doing in US?