sábado, 5 de março de 2011

Sem carnaval...

Yes, unfortunately it is not Carnival in England this weekend, there will be no long public holidays like in Brazil either. In the beginning of the week people will work as normal. On Shrove Tuesday the highlight of the day will be the pancakes, as it is Pancake Day in England. People keep the tradition of cooking loads of pancakes and eating them.English people usually eat pancake with lemon juice on top and sugar, a bit different than us but it still tastes nice. It all started many years ago, because of the fasting season starting on the Ash Wednesday, the idea was to eat loads before stop eating nice things during the lent season (that goes from Carnival to Easter).

Nowadays although English people like to call themselves a Chritian country, the majority do not obey most of the religous holidays. So that’s it folks, while many of you will be enjoying the sunny days and playing carnival, the only pics I will get from carnival here are the ones I will see on BBC or the internet. Carnival in England happens in August and the most famous parade is the one in Notting Hill (if you have watched the movie Notting Hill with Julia Roberts, it’s around that area).

Some other places in Europe might celebrate carnival too. I was in Venice three years ago during the carnival week and it was so magic to see those people crossing the narrow roads of Venice wearing those traditional carnival costumes from centuries ago, with their wonderful masks. I’ll tell you more about that another time. Enjoy your holidays guys. xx

 Carnival in Notting Hill.

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