quinta-feira, 28 de abril de 2011

Viajando...Italy, Vatican, France and England...

The first photo was taken from our small plane, after we left England and flying above the Swiss Alps. The next ones are from the Roman Coliseum (or Colosseum).

Hey there, I’m just back from my holidays, or vacations as the dudes say. I had a couple of friends who came from Brazil and stayed in my house in England. We had three amazing weeks together, that’s why you haven’t seem my posts lately. I had no time, sorry.

Anyway, we did loads of short trips and sightseeing in England but we also travelled around Europe. We got a plane from Bristol to Rome and from there
we travelled mostly by train. We saw Rome, Mantova and Milan in Italy, then by train we left Milan towards Paris (really nice journey this one, we could see part of the Swiss Alps and French Alps too), and from Paris we head back to England by car and crossed the English channel (Canal da Mancha), the Euro tunnel (shuttle or bullet train for cars). We stopped at the coast of England in a lovely B&B before we head back home.

I have plenty of photos and many stories to tell. A great adventure that I plan to be sharing with you today and in the next posts.

That is it for now.
 The spring is in the air and everything is more alive in Britain. Tomorrow is the royal wedding and we are having a long weekend. Public holiday tomorrow due to the wedding and Monday is our first holiday of May.

Things are looking good so bear with me...I'm coming back soon with more.

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