quarta-feira, 13 de julho de 2011

Que bom estar de volta...

Hi there,
I am preparing some changes for the blog. You can expect some novelties and they should be ready in the next few days.
My apologies to you guys who have visited me lately and haven’t found any new post for a long time. Life has been a bit atypical and hectic in the last three months due to personal issues, work and a lot of travelling with my guests form Brazil. I am sorry I said I was going to give you a great detail about my last trips but couldn’t find the time to do it, sorry. I’ll make a brief description now and post some pictures. Let’s carry on…


We (myself, my daughter and my friends above) left the Vatican city and Rome straight to a city called Mantova, a long journey by train but very beautiful. Mantova is at the North of Italy not far from Venice. We didn’t visit Venice this time, I had already been there before and my friends had another route in mind anyway. We spent two wonderful days in Mantova, although it is a fairly small city it is full of expensive shops and amazing restaurants.

From there we took another train to Milan where we spent another day.
As we have opted to travel by train we spent many hours inside them but with no regrets. The trains in Europe are usually nice, clean and fast, with few exceptions of course. When we left Milan we took a train to Paris because of the breathtaking views the trip is highly recommended. From Milan we crossed Switzerland and the South of France towards Paris. My friends had the opportunity to see the Swiss and French Alps and they even had the opportunity to see snow through the window of the train. We also had a couple of episodes with the Swiss and French police when some officers entered the train searching for illegal immigrants, in two occasions our passports were checked and some other people were escorted out of the train by the police.

In Paris our hotel was fairly close to the Eifel Tower and all we needed to do was to take the underground (subway) with only three stops to get there. I am used to use the underground in London and have used it in Paris before. But for some weird reason the signs were not easy to read in that terminal. As we spotted some young guys from the army inside the tunnels I asked for help with the directions. They happily agreed to help when we said we were Brazilians. I have to say that although they were very friendly it looked a bit daunting to have three guys from the army carrying big automatic guns escorting us to the metro, even more because they were also lost inside those tunnels and didn’t know exactly which direction we should go to. I have to say that at some point I thought “Oh Gosh, if these guys that are French, live and work here don’t know how to get the right train how can we get there?”. All sorted at the end and we soon arrived at the tower. Paris is a dream city but very very very expensive compared to other European cities, maybe because they are the only ones who have the Louvre Museum with Mona Lisa and the House of Napoleon; Notre Dame, etc. My friends visited all these places but as I had seen them before I decided to have a more relaxing time visiting some shops and enjoying their cafes.


We left Paris by car and travelled to Calais to cross the English Channel (Canal da Mancha). But I'll tell you more about it in the next post. That’s it for now folks. xx

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