segunda-feira, 25 de julho de 2011

Cruzando o Canal da Mancha...

Those are the photos I took when we were crossing the Euro Channel (from France to England) few weeks ago, using the Eurotunnel with a car. Basically once the ticket is purchased and the cross is booked we have to queue just like we do when we pay a toll fare. Once we cross the barriers and get the all clear from the immigration borders we have to follow the other cars heading to the shuttle (as the big train for cars is also known). Once inside we are allowed to leave the car and walk to the toilets or just wait. There is not much else to do but the crossing is very short and there is no time to get bored. Only 30 minutes, about 80 meters down deep sea and the cross is over and we are back to United Kingdom.

If one has more time to spare or is travelling alone for example it is also nice to cross using the Eurostar (trem bala) as a foot passenger. Even nicer is to cross using the ferry, but then of course we go above sea level and not below. I’ve done both ways before and I recommend. Flying is a quick way to travel and nowadays if planned ahead there are always good offers by the air companies.

Changing the subject, some friends have told me that they were having some trouble to leave a comment after the posts. I’m really sorry about that. Like I said before I am working on some changes for the blog and I hope to have it sorted soon, so please bear with me. Meanwhile if you would like to talk to me please send me an email to
See you later alligator!

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