terça-feira, 9 de agosto de 2011

Vandalismo em Londres...

On my last post I have shown photos of a calm rural England close to where I live. Unfortunately today I have to comment on the appalling scenes of violence that have spread throughout London and have now reached other cities of England.

It seems that all started with a protest after a man was shot dead by the police in North London. It is not clear or confirmed yet what happened to that man. The media states that after the incident, family members, friends and people from his community decided to march in a protest, but hours later things escalated and got out of hand. The riots started in the streets and lasted for more than three nights. The despicable scenes of violence now don’t have any relation with the initial incident any more. It seems that young guys, criminals with nothing better to do are looking for an excuse to cause chaos and destruction. Loads of properties have been burned, shops have been looted and people are scared.

England is a very tolerant country and one of the most fair I’ve ever seen. This country embraces many cultures and have helped many immigrants, I’m one of them. From my point of view this is a demonstration of sheer vandalism and criminality. Of course, many questions have been raised against the current government, cut of benefits to the youth programmes, and immigration laws and people are entitled to object to that, mainly in this country, but going about it the wrong way won’t bring good results. I am sad with the news. I have been here for almost 11 years now. I remember the incident of September 11th in the USA and how this affected us. I also remember when Jean Charles de Menezes was killed and the terrorist attacks in London. We surely don’t need any more troubles, let’s hope things get back to normal soon.

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