domingo, 25 de setembro de 2011

Domingo em Londres...

Sunday in London? There’s a huge choice of activities to keep anyone entertained and happy in this marvellous cosmopolitan city. I used to live here years ago and although I now only live few miles away I visit it every time I can, and I have to say that I never grow tired of visiting the main tourist areas. Why? Well, is always so full of people and everybody so happy and mesmerized with what they are seeing. I love that! It feels good being surrounded by people that are happy with their snapshots.
With this in mind going to the Tower of London seems an excellent idea. An adult ticket can cost almost £20, prices may vary during the year. It’s worth it!

If the weather is good and if you like me had already been there, done that and bought the t-shirt, cross the Tower Bridge and enjoy a walk the other side of the River Thames. It’s full of pubs, posh restaurants, café, souvenir shops, etc.



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