sexta-feira, 2 de setembro de 2011

Photos of an English Tea House in Tewkesbury, England. It’s a lovely, quaint and cozy place and every time I go to Tewkesbury I feel compelled to enter there and have a traditional ‘cream tea’. Which is English tea, served with a homemade scone, with strawberry jam and clotted cream and fresh strawberry.

We can find ‘cream tea’ almost everywhere in UK but what make that place so special to me is because it is hundreds of years old. I usually take friends there when they come to visit me and they love it. Last time I was there I heard a tourist asking the waiter how old was the fireplace and I heard the waiter saying ‘oh, that fireplace is fairly new, only about 400 years old, the rest of the building is much older than that’. Tee hee!

The little garden is beautiful too, like most gardens in Europe during spring and summer time.

By the way, the traditional way to drink English tea is with a little drop of milk.
So, anybody there fancies tea?

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  1. I loved this place, it's adorable.
    I already tried this idea of tea with a little bit of milk and I liked it. By the way, English tea is one of my favorite tea. Thanks for show us a bit of England. I can not afford now to go there, but I can learn o lot of things with your blog.

  2. Muito aconchegante. Deu vontade de saborear um gostoso chá inglês. A Inglaterra tem seu charme! Foi bom passear por aqui.
    Bom fds,