quarta-feira, 5 de outubro de 2011

Outono ingles, deu praia...

The amazing Indian Summer that we have experienced in England in the past few days has come to an end. (By the way, Indian Summer is a name that British people use to refer to a heat wave, or temperatures above normal that spreads to the country when it’s not necessarily summer at all, it can occur in spring or autumn days, just like recently. Indian because it is based on the North American Indian tribes, maybe should have been called Native Americans Summer,  who used to rely on the late summer heat waves to complete their harvest and store food before the winter time arrived). Today the grey English sky is back and is here to stay for the next months ahead.

Anyway, cultural facts apart, I have to say that I truly enjoyed the last few days. On Saturday we went to a leisure park in Somerset, with plenty of rides on roller-coasters and etc. The beach was just beside it and before the sunset I was there for a walk along the beach and feel the sand between my toes. Lush!

Night time a stop at the Hungry Horse, a famous pub that serves good English food, but we felt more like a huge steak, chips, onion rings, mushroom, green peas and fried tomato. All savoured well with a great bottle of Chilean wine, that costs £5 a bottle (less than R$15,00). How much does it cost in Brazil, with the Mercosul and all?

Sunday the weather was still gorgeous with scorching temperatures. We head to a beach in Wales. Before crossing the bridge we have to pay a toll ticket, £5.70 for cars, one of the few places in England where a toll ticket is charged. Not long after we cross the bridge we are in Wales. Another country, easy as that. There is no need to show passports or anything like that. If you don’t know that yet, Wales is part of the United Kingdom, just like England, Scotland and Northen Ireland.

Although it was about 25 degrees Celsius, there were not many people wearing swimsuits in the beach. I guess the beach body is definitely a Brazilian thing, but we can certainly find loads of girls with lots of heavy make up, tee hee! There was another amusement park there. Most of the famous beaches in UK have one, the attractions in the park can supply entertainment in case the weather is not good enough for a stroll in the beach, I guess, and tourists and families seem to like it. Having said that, I would gladly swap the rides in the roller-coaster beside the beach, for the humble Brazilian huts in the beach that sell beer and sea-food. In England there is no such a thing, first, is prohibited to drink alcohol in public places and second, the health and safety authorities here would never approve and give license to our Dona Marias e Seu Joses, to walk along the beach shouting “ Olha o espetinho de camarao” “Vai um salgadinho aih ou uma aguinha gelada?”

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