sábado, 29 de outubro de 2011

Cafe da manha ingles e passeio na feira...

Saturday, cold cloudy morning and I started the day with a typical English breakfast (bacon, sausages, mushroom, fried egg, baked beans and toast) in a bistro near my house.

After that we went for a stroll in our town centre, on Saturdays we have an award-winning farmers market, where people bring local produce to sell and we have products from abroad too, like olives from Greece, French bread and cakes, Thai food, etc.

We can even find grilled burguers and sausages. The closest thing from our "churrasquinho de rua". My daughter had roasted corn on the cob, the corn is sweet and watery, but still tastes good.

This is a charming town and I love the old streets and alleyways and the autumn season makes the cafes and bistros even more welcoming.

Now that the blog is updated and a light rain is falling outside while we are nice and warm indoors, I guess I can enjoy the rest of the evening with a nice book and maybe a glass of a good wine. Would you like to join me? What were your plans for Saturday? I would love to hear.

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