quarta-feira, 19 de outubro de 2011

Chaleiras e aquecedores...

We are now three hours ahead from the Brazilian time. At the end of the month our clocks will go back one hour, which means that the days will be shorter and shorter again and the nights longer and freezing. Last night I had the heater on, as it was really cold. My house has a central heating system, which means I only have to touch the thermostat and regulate the temperature that I want, and the radiators on the wall (the heaters) get hot and make the rooms of the house warm too. Some are more modern, some are more old fashion, but they all do their jobs. One thing is for sure, the gas bills in the winter are really scary, as most of the heaters work with gas. Well, we need that to keep ourselves warm.

Electric kettles are essential in English homes too. Low temperatures (the average for my city today is max: 14 and min: 4 degrees Celsius), explain why they easily manage to drink more than a litre of tea or coffee a day.

The sound of a kettle boiling in a British kitchen is a common thing all day long. Everything, any news, good or bad is an excuse to stop whatever we are doing and put the kettle on and prepare a cup of tea or coffee. Although they call it a cup, it looks more like what the Americans would call a ‘mug’ due to the big size. Like I said here before, English tea is served with a drop of milk, and the coffee is usually ‘instant coffee’, prepared very weak and watery and also with a dash of milk. Would you fancy a winter in England?

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  1. Dear,
    I loved the text, it seems so charming to be listening this water boiling all dau long...I HATE winters, though. I only know England in the summertime and it´s the best.People stretching in the parks, drinking in the pubs on the streets, it´s a different energy. I live in the south of Brazil where it´s freezing in the winter too, however we don´t have heaters, so it a horrible experience to me.anyways, your words made it sound cozier.;D

  2. sorry for the spelling mistakes ( listening TO, daY, it IS...)

  3. Adriana, your comments are always so good. I'm happy to know that you found the kettle boiling experience cosy, it is really, just like the aroma and fresh smell of coffee in the Brazilian kitchens. I understand what you mean about the the lack of heaters in Brazil. I lived in Florianopolis for a while and boy, it was cold.