quinta-feira, 10 de novembro de 2011

De volta e com sobremesas inglesas...

I’m back. YES! And my back is much better. Thanks to all my friends and readers who had thought about me and emailed me wishing me a good recovery. I’m back and I am here to stay.

It’s end of the year and full of excitement as Christmas time is approaching. I will keep you all updated about the decorations, shopping tips, recipes and so much more about what we are doing or planning to do during this beautiful season.

Yesterday morning I was having a coffee with my Belgian friend and we were talking about the cold weather. She then mentioned to me that she was planning to go to the supermarket to buy her food for the week and also to start to build her stock of food in the cupboards for the wintry days. If you live in the tropics it’s very difficult for you to picture that, but here, where temperatures will go below zero, it’s very wise to have some extra food inside your kitchen. She lives in a hilly area and if the snow is too heavy it makes it almost impossible to get the car and go to the supermarket some days. It’s also too cold and dangerous to walk when the ice starts to melt. I am not filling my cupboards with loads of food yet, or I will be too tempted to eat it all and my waistline might suffer even more. LOL!

Talking about waistline, the photo above shows some desserts (‘puddings’ as they are called here). Last Sunday we went to the pub for a chat and a glass of wine and we then decided to share a pudding board. Yes, share. I didn’t eat it all on my own, there were four of us. From left to right there is a piece of chocolate brownie with nuts, in the centre there is a slice of pistachio cheesecake and on the right a generous piece of stick toffee pudding (very British). All served with the options of choc mint ice-cream (little bowl on the right), double cream and hot custard (again very British to serve a type of hot cream with your desert).

Would you like to try that? Is it in your plans to visit England one day? I would love to hear that. If you have problems to leave a message below, please email me.

Bye for now and I’ll see you tomorrow with more about life here. This week I’ll show you in what sense our houses here are different from the Brazilian ones. Stay connected!

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