sexta-feira, 2 de dezembro de 2011

Minha cozinha na Inglaterra...

Did you know that...

In England most houses don’t have a laundry room or our Brazilian washing board (tanque)? Usually the washing machine is in the kitchen, just like mine in this picture, most are equipped with a tumble drier as well. People wash their delicate clothes inn the washing machine, or if we insist in doing some clothes by hand we can use the sink in the kitchen or the basins in the toilets.
In the winter we have to dry our clothes in the tumble drier or on some clotheshorse set near the heaters around the house.

The modern houses have a dish washer, this is mine, but when we want to wash the dishes, in England it’s easily done. Most of our washing liquids (detergents) are rinse free, that means we just have to fill the basin with hot water and a bit of washing liquid, clean the dishes and let them dry. There’s no need to rinse and no smell or taste of soap afterwards.

The worktop is not granite nor marble. In England it would be hugely expensive and we use this fake material. In my opinion it’s not as beautiful as the original stone, but is very good too. It is hot and cold resistant. We just have to be careful with the use of water, as you can see, our worktops have no elevated edges, like the Brazilian ones. To throw a glass of water in order to rinse it would be stupid. A wet wipe with a good cleaning spray does the trick.

Instead of the pressure cooker, here we use the slow cooker. It’s totally safe and uses very little electricity. People usually put some meat and vegetables inside it in the morning leave it cooking and go to work. When they come back in the evening, their dinner is ready.

How about your kitchen?

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  1. Quanta diferença. Não sei se me adaptaria. Para mim espaço amplo para lavar roupa e louça é essencial e de preferência sem misturar os ambientes. Enfim cada país com os sua costumes!... Espero que esteja bem e o frio por aí já chegou com tudo?

  2. Hi Katia

    wow!!! It's simply the kitchen of my dreams. There is no comparison possible with the brazilian kitchens. They are hugely modern, pratical and beatiful

    New vocabulary for me:
    just like
    clothshorse???? What does this word mean in portuguese?
    washing liquid
    there's no need
    pressure cooker