quarta-feira, 21 de dezembro de 2011

Visita ao Papai Noel...

More pics of a different Santa’s Grotto we visited yesterday. Why did we like it so much? Well, it is Christmastime and here in England the kids really believe in Santa Claus. My daughter is seven and she still does, just like most of her friends of the same age. Parents here really make the point of trying hard to keep the magic tradition and innocence of this season. I guess it is not really hard to make kids believe in Santa, not here I mean. With freezing weather, houses with big Christmas trees and the certainty that many presents and gifts will be under the tree on the 25th make believable to tell the children that they should behave and be good that Santa Claus will bring them what they wish for. Pity that in Brazil, with high temperatures, many kids starving in the streets it becomes a bit of a joke to try to say to a child in a favela that if he/she is good all year round Santa Claus will bring the presents he/she dreams with.

Anyway, while in Rome do as the Romans do. That’s why my daughter writes a letter to Santa Claus three or four weeks before Christmas with a list of all the little presents she wants (of course there is mum’s supervision and some presents out of proportion cannot enter the list). The days before Christmas we take her to visit Santa’s Grotto and confirm her wishes and get into the atmosphere of Christmas season. On Christmas Eve, just before going to bed, she will leave a glass of milk and a sweet pie to Santa just near the tree in the living room. Outside in the garden she will leave some carrots for Rudolf, Santa’s reindeer. In the morning of 25th only crumbles and small portion of carrots and milk will be left as a sign that Santa was there to do his job. It’s only then, that she will get to open her presents and see what she has received. Actually, everybody will do that at the same time, and that’s when Christmas day will start followed by lunch later. Usually only the very close family taking part.

At the end of the visit to the grotto, kids can choose one present to take home as an early gift from Santa.
I wonder what you are doing there to get into the Christmas spirit?

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