sexta-feira, 27 de janeiro de 2012

Hey there! This is my first post of the year and I am deeply sorry I took too long to write. I am in Brazil at the moment, yes, back home for a few days. Unfortunately it is not just one of those holiday trips I have from time to time. I came for my mother’s surgery. She had a heart operation yesterday, a double bypass (ponte de safena/mamaria). According to the doctors she is doing fine and will recover in due course.

That’s why you haven’t seen much of me recently. I’ll remain in Brazil for another two or three weeks. I hope to start posting more often from now on. Although I am not in England and that is what the blog is about I’ll make some comparisons about life in the two countries and keep you informed.

How about your New Year’s Resolutions? The first month of the year is almost at the end, are you on track?
Bye for now xx

PS. The pictures above were taken a couple of days prior to my departure. England was freezing with frost. I had to remove the ice from our small pond or our little fish would die. It's much warmer in Sao Paulo state but I haven't seen much of the Brazilian sunshine yet. Another rainy and cloudy day here.

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