domingo, 27 de dezembro de 2015

I am back!

I am back. Yay!!!
After a lovely lie-in this morning, I am ready to resume my activities with the blog. By the way, do you know what means "lie in"? Or to have a lie-in?
It basically means to stay in bed after your normal time for getting up.
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The verb "to lie" doesn't only mean to tell a lie (contar uma mentira). Look at other ways to use this verb:

to lie in ​bedto lie on a ​beachto lie on ​your ​sideA ​cat lay in ​front of the ​fire.He lies awake at ​night, ​worrying.A ​pen lay on the ​desk.

Anyway, took me almost three years since my last post here. I shouldn't really have taken this long to update the blog but personal circumstances stopped me from doing so.
The good news is that I am back. I still live in England and have a lot to share with you there that wants to improve your English and learn more about the English culture and life in England.
Thanks for still visiting the blog and my apologies for being absent all this time.
See you soon xx

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