segunda-feira, 4 de janeiro de 2016

At the hairdresser's...

I took my daughter to the hairdresser last week. It was a pamper time for her. A real treat!
She had a wash, cut and blow dry. She loved it, mainly because after the blow dry her hair was really straight. Usually it's naturally wavy and slightly curly. We tried to keep the length with a bit of layers, it was really just a trim. She keeps asking me when will she be allowed to have some highlights done. "Not yet" I say, she's only 11 and with a beautiful hair colour.
Did you get all the words related to... At the hairdresser's? Take a look:
Wash, cut, blow dry, straight,  wavy, curly, keep the length, a trim, highlights, a pamper time, a treat.

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