sexta-feira, 26 de fevereiro de 2016


I forgot my bag and wallet inside the car last night. It was there this morning just like I left it. Nobody touched.
Note that cars here in England  are not locked inside big gates. There are no gates whatsoever actually. Sad to think that in most cities in Brazil the bag, wallet and the car could have been stolen easily. 

When I go out to have a coffee I see many people leaving their laptops, mobile phones on top of the table with their bags opened on a chair while they get up to go back to the queue to buy another coffee. The same happens inside the trains here. People leave their laptops or Ipads and personal belongings on their seat and get up and go to the bar of the train to buy a drink or sandwich or even to go to the toilet.You would never dream of doing anything like that in Brazil. 

I can honestly say that is not easy to be an expat and choose to live abroad. I love Brazil and am proud of being Brazilian, I miss my country and the people there, but when we consider points like these, well...

terça-feira, 23 de fevereiro de 2016

Quanto custa um livro aqui na Inglaterra...

Do you know how much does it cost to buy a book in England? Well, it's quite cheap actually.

People read a lot in England and most novels (bestsellers) are printed in paperback. The simple and humble "papel jornal".  That cut costs and make the books more affordable. £7.99 is a fixed price for a paperback nowadays but book shops tend to put them on sale or make some offers like "buy one get the second half price".
The harcover books cost about £12.99 (R$ 48,00) and are usually used by younger kids or older people due to the large print (letras grandes).

Of course we have Amazon and as you probably know e-books can be much cheaper as well, sometimes a third of the original price.

The whole United Kingdom has lots of charity shops (lojas de caridade tipo lojas de segunda mão) and loads of books can be bought in these shops as well. In this case the books are usually a bargain, sometimes less than £1 (menos de R$6,00).  A paradise for people that love reading and love a bargain.

Most English people read a lot. The libraries are excellent and free of charge. Maybe that explains the fact that here people don't mind lending or giving aways their books.

segunda-feira, 15 de fevereiro de 2016

Dia dos namorados...

Yesterday 14th of February was Valentine's day in England and in many parts of the world too. We don't celebrate on June 12th like Brazil does.

For many weeks the shops were full of cards, red heart ballons and loads more to catch the attention of all the romantic people out there.

Yesterday I got this lovely bunch of flowers and a nice card from my boyfriend and a couple of weeks ago as an early Valentine's present he treated me to a romantic weekend in a gorgeous hotel. Lucky me!

How did you guys celebrate Valentine's day?

sexta-feira, 12 de fevereiro de 2016

Recesso escolar...

It is half term in the UK, that means "recesso escolar" for the kids here in England. We don't have long winter holidays if compared to Brazil for example, where the children usually stay the whole month of July out of school. 

Us parents will have to organize some things to keep the little ones entertained due to one week off school. Having said that, some parents cannot take time off work, therefore, they will have no option but to send their children back to the school or nursery or some other clubs for some special activities during half term.

It is winter here remember, and in some parts of the United Kingdom is already snowing. Indoor activities in Soft Play Centres are good options. 

My city has one too, and the average price is £5.50 for a child and £1 for the adult (about R$36,00 for a mother and child for example). How much that would cost in Brazil?

There are free activities too offered by the local library or in our case the museum. Check the links below:

Oh, and just to make it clear.These days off have nothing to do with carnival. It wasn't carnival in England. 

terça-feira, 9 de fevereiro de 2016

Dia da panqueca na Inglaterra...

It's Pancake Day in the United Kingdom. Shrove Tuesday (terça de carnaval) is always the day before Ash Wednesday  (quarta-feira de cinzas). We don't celebrate carnival in England this time of the year and is not even a public holiday like in Brazil. Having said that, British people will indulge eating pancakes today. The favourite type here is the one with lemon (not lime) and sugar on top.
I have just prepared some for my daughter and I. Mine was with honey though.

In many Catholic countries people will give up eating red meat during the Lent period (the 40 days from Ash Wednesday until Easter). Not the case here as England is not a Catholic country.

It used to be a feast before the fasting. Not the same stric ways any more but the tradition is kept somehow, just like the carnival for Brazilians.

Which one do you prefer? Carnival or Pancake Day?