terça-feira, 9 de fevereiro de 2016

Dia da panqueca na Inglaterra...

It's Pancake Day in the United Kingdom. Shrove Tuesday (terça de carnaval) is always the day before Ash Wednesday  (quarta-feira de cinzas). We don't celebrate carnival in England this time of the year and is not even a public holiday like in Brazil. Having said that, British people will indulge eating pancakes today. The favourite type here is the one with lemon (not lime) and sugar on top.
I have just prepared some for my daughter and I. Mine was with honey though.

In many Catholic countries people will give up eating red meat during the Lent period (the 40 days from Ash Wednesday until Easter). Not the case here as England is not a Catholic country.

It used to be a feast before the fasting. Not the same stric ways any more but the tradition is kept somehow, just like the carnival for Brazilians.

Which one do you prefer? Carnival or Pancake Day?

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