terça-feira, 23 de fevereiro de 2016

Quanto custa um livro aqui na Inglaterra...

Do you know how much does it cost to buy a book in England? Well, it's quite cheap actually.

People read a lot in England and most novels (bestsellers) are printed in paperback. The simple and humble "papel jornal".  That cut costs and make the books more affordable. £7.99 is a fixed price for a paperback nowadays but book shops tend to put them on sale or make some offers like "buy one get the second half price".
The harcover books cost about £12.99 (R$ 48,00) and are usually used by younger kids or older people due to the large print (letras grandes).

Of course we have Amazon and as you probably know e-books can be much cheaper as well, sometimes a third of the original price.

The whole United Kingdom has lots of charity shops (lojas de caridade tipo lojas de segunda mão) and loads of books can be bought in these shops as well. In this case the books are usually a bargain, sometimes less than £1 (menos de R$6,00).  A paradise for people that love reading and love a bargain.

Most English people read a lot. The libraries are excellent and free of charge. Maybe that explains the fact that here people don't mind lending or giving aways their books.

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