sexta-feira, 12 de fevereiro de 2016

Recesso escolar...

It is half term in the UK, that means "recesso escolar" for the kids here in England. We don't have long winter holidays if compared to Brazil for example, where the children usually stay the whole month of July out of school. 

Us parents will have to organize some things to keep the little ones entertained due to one week off school. Having said that, some parents cannot take time off work, therefore, they will have no option but to send their children back to the school or nursery or some other clubs for some special activities during half term.

It is winter here remember, and in some parts of the United Kingdom is already snowing. Indoor activities in Soft Play Centres are good options. 

My city has one too, and the average price is £5.50 for a child and £1 for the adult (about R$36,00 for a mother and child for example). How much that would cost in Brazil?

There are free activities too offered by the local library or in our case the museum. Check the links below:

Oh, and just to make it clear.These days off have nothing to do with carnival. It wasn't carnival in England. 

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