sexta-feira, 26 de fevereiro de 2016


I forgot my bag and wallet inside the car last night. It was there this morning just like I left it. Nobody touched.
Note that cars here in England  are not locked inside big gates. There are no gates whatsoever actually. Sad to think that in most cities in Brazil the bag, wallet and the car could have been stolen easily. 

When I go out to have a coffee I see many people leaving their laptops, mobile phones on top of the table with their bags opened on a chair while they get up to go back to the queue to buy another coffee. The same happens inside the trains here. People leave their laptops or Ipads and personal belongings on their seat and get up and go to the bar of the train to buy a drink or sandwich or even to go to the toilet.You would never dream of doing anything like that in Brazil. 

I can honestly say that is not easy to be an expat and choose to live abroad. I love Brazil and am proud of being Brazilian, I miss my country and the people there, but when we consider points like these, well...

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