terça-feira, 14 de junho de 2016

O nosso DNA viaja o mundo...

Very interesting this video. I wish I could have my DNA tested too and find out how much it has travelled across the globe...

Sixteen years living in England have taught me loads of things, and one of them is that I am no longer only Brazilian anymore. I am also English too in my heart. I have learnt to love my English friends and this community who have treated me so well over the years. It was not always easy but that is life. They say we Brazilians have a mixed race, but in a way we all have. In my case is Portuguese blood, Native Indians from the tribes spread all over Brazil and so many other Europeans that tried to colonize and stay in our country. I am all that and much more. I have friends from so many different nationalities and I feel they are part of me too, and their gender and faith are part of who they are too.

The colour of our skin, our genre or faith shouldn't matter.
We should learn to be more tolerant and respect one another. Very said with what happened in Orlando.

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