quinta-feira, 2 de junho de 2016

Praia inglesa...

How interesting this. Two weekends ago I went to this beach in Minehead England. At just after 3:15 in the afternoon we couldn't see the water in the beach from the place where I was. Look at what happens at just after 6:15...

The tides change, bringing the water back. At 7:25 in the evening it looks so beautiful! 

But the water doesn't stay close very long, as at 9:25 pm we can notice the position of the water changing again. Notice that the sun starts to go down only after this time. Very late at this part of the globe.

It's all so very different from the Brazilian beaches. A friend of mine from Japan saw these pictures and said that if this happened in Japan people would run away fast thinking it was a tsunami approaching. 

Despite being almost summer time here in England, it was a bit too cold (not bikini weather). We had fun though and for a true Brazilian a stroll along the beach with no shoes, feeling the sand between my toes is always required. 

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