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Hello everybody!

I am back! Again I am really sorry about it. Somehow Google blocked my account and took me ages to get it sorted; and once sorted, I didn't have any spare time to come here and post. I know, not nice :(. But that is over now...new post, new page, new beginning.

If you are new here, let me tell you a little bit about myself. I have been living in England for almost 17 years, and I am originally from Brazil. I was a qualified teacher in Brazil and always loved teaching. I have a degree from a British university too; and have studied a lot here in England actually. My passion? I love helping people to learn; and teaching English as a second language is what I am good at.

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In case you don't know yet, I have created a page on Facebook to help people, there I post exercises and activities of all sorts in English. My page is called Switich2english. Recently I have also created an English Club with the same name Switch2english Club. If you would like some free classes and a chance to meet cool people and talk in English, that's the place for you. Do you wanna join us? Just send an email to:switch2english@hotmail.com or leave a comment here OR  leave a comment at the Facebook Page. Classes are free at the moment!

That's it for now xx


Pessoal, estou de volta! O Google bloqueou minha conta por vários meses e tive muito trabalho para reativar o blog. Quando finalmente consegui, fiquei sem tempo de vir ate aqui e postar. Mas aqui estou! Nova postagem e a vida que segue.

Para quem nao me conhece ainda, eu moro na Inglaterra há quase 17 anos. No Brasil, era professora formada e aqui na Inglaterra continuei estudando muito e fiz faculdade aqui também. Minha paixão sempre foi ensinar, principalmente inglês como segunda língua.

Eu criei uma pagina no Facebook chamada Switch2english e tambem um club "switch2english club" para ajudar quem quer aprender. No club as aulas no momento sao gratuitas. Quem quiser participar entre em contato. Deixe comentario aqui ou no meu email switch2english@hotmail.com

Por enquanto eh isso pessoal. Beijos

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